Welcome to the new Achupichu Central!

Welcome to the new Achupichu Central!

Hello Achupichu!

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Originally hosted on wordpress.com, the Achupichu blog has been around for several years.

As with everything that is affected by time, Achupichu has gone through a significant reduction in engagement levels.

To give things a fresh start, I have created this website and moved over legacy content.

What’s new:

I have decided to monetize my blog so as to pay for itself, primarily. The value addition to the reader would be in terms of my reviews and recommendations on products as well as services, some of which I have a relationship with as an affliate partner.Therefore, your support is very valuable.

I have also decided to improve the quality and frequency of posts, as well as narrow down the spectrum of topics as we move forward to keep things sane.

Please read through the disclosures, terms of use for more details. This site will be undergoing frequent updates in terms of look and feel as well as content and policies. But, don’t worry, I will not do anything outlandish.

Looking forward to an engaging period ahead and I hope you enjoy your reads on my blog.

Take Care,




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