Debundling airline fares… who are they serving? people or corporates?

Here is an article from LiveMint.

So, is it coincidence that the government suddenly pays heed to the ‘consultants’ (in this case, Nathan Economic Consultants) just when Air Asia just got clearance for it’s entry in to India?

I think not.

Food, food everywhere, not a bite to eat…

It has been a very long time since I posted anything. Work, family… nuff said.

My new job has me traveling quite a bit overseas. Being a vegetarian, I did expect that ‘eatable’ food would be a bit hard to get. But I didn’t expect it to be this hard.

I am in a place (won’t mention where) which brims with ‘food’ all around but if I ever need to get something to eat, I have to spend 2 minutes explaining what I want and what ingredients should not be used. The only places where I can confidently step in are some of the few Indian run restaurants, but even there I keep a wary eye to ensure the waiters don’t accidentally mix something in my food which I cannot have.

These folks don’t have an idea of food without meat, fish or eggs. Every single damn food item, even rice, has some thing mixed in it. The range of stuff that ends up on these folk’s plate would put a normal Indian non-vegetarian to shame. I have actually seen my colleagues, who claim to eat anything that walks, flies, crawl or swim, have second thoughts at trying some of the food choices. And not knowing the local language makes things worse.

The hotel I stay in claims to be the newest, finest hotel in town but there is not one item in the hotel’s menu (except juices, fruits and grain bread) that does not contain meat. I never had this problem even when I lived in USA for a couple of years.

Can’t wait to get back home. Sad part is my trips are not over yet.

Road trip

So, after a very long time, we decided to take our Santro and hit the road for a 200KM drive to a temple town. I have traveled that particular highway several times before 2003 but I was pleasantly surprised by the 4-lane roads, which were in excellent condition. It was completely divided by a median for the 120Km stretch we had to travel before turning away to country roads towards our destination. Before, it would be extremely hard to reach and maintain speeds of a 100Km/hr. But now, anything traveling below 80Km/hr is a nuisance on these roads! (For the record, we cleared the 120Km stretch in about 1hr and 20mins, including 2 toll gate stops and about 30mins to get to the city limits from our home πŸ™‚ )

There are always problems though. People crossing the roads at random places, slow moving autos and careless two wheeler drivers… it is an extremely dangerous drive at night. Add to this the problem of the high beam loving freaks and you can hardly see the road or anything crossing the road about 50m ahead of you. Oh and the bloody bus drivers who think they should always stay ahead… every time you try to overtake them, they step on the gas, just for the heck of it!

But overall, it was an excellent trip and I really enjoyed the driving part.