Moving lines…

கன்றின் குரலும் கன்னித் தமிழும் சொல்லும் வார்த்தை அம்மா அம்மா
கருணை தேடி அலையும் உயிர்கள் உருகும் வார்த்தை அம்மா அம்மா
எந்த மனதில் பாசம் உண்டோ அந்த மனமே அம்மா அம்மா

பூவும் பொன்னும் பொருந்தி வாழும் மழலை கேட்டேன் தந்தானவன்
நாளை உலகில் நீயும் நானும் வாழும் வழிகள் செய்வானவன்

Why doesn’t anyone write songs like these nowadays?

Almost (this being the key word) every damn movie nowadays is about some stupid love story, with some horrible, beaten path sequences, acrobatic fight sequences… can live with all that… but the songs…my god, the songs are murder! Most of them are absolutely crass, filthy and puke worthy.

Mozhi… repost

Just saw the movie “Mozhi” again today. As usual, this is one of the very few tamil movies that I have sat down watched without regret. I translated the song “Kaatrin mozhi…” from this movie a long while ago… felt like reposting it.

Is the wind’s language sound or music?
Is the flower’s language color or scent?
Is the ocean’s language waves or froth?
Are the eyes or lips the language of love?

If nature’s languages can be understood,
Human languages are not needed!
If the heart’s languages can be understood,
Humans need no language!

When the wind blows, there are no directions!
When love speaks, there are no languages!
Silence cannot be understood like spoken words!
Words spoken by Eyes, even God doesn’t know!
For the blowing wind, a shape cannot be painted!
The languages of love do not fit in cage of sounds!

The speech of skies emerges as droplets!
The speech of rainbow emerges as colors!
When truth loses its voice, tears become the language!
When femininity loses its voice, shyness becomes the language!
The time when sound sleeps, stars become a language!
In a heart where desire sleeps, every movement becomes a language!


We had this activity of writing a poem about women for last month’s Birthday Bash at work, which took on the theme of Women’s day.

Below is the poem I wrote.

Many a man’s success, many a nation’s demise
Bear the footprint of a woman, with virtue or vice.

Love of the mother, for life given,
Bond of the wife, until life taken,
Like two rains from two clouds in the same sky
One nourishing, other balancing.

Understand the origins of life… I can,
Understand a feminine mind… I cannot.
Contradictions, galore, in harmony… a woman!

Ninaipathellam Nadanthuvittaal… if all thoughts become reality

If all your thoughts become reality, there is no God!
If you keep thinking about what already happened, there will never be peace of mind!
A concluded story does not continue in God’s books!
A continued story does not end, in a man’s house!

A heart with thousand gates, in it rise a thousand thoughts
Someone comes, someone goes… their comings and goings never noticed
If just one inhabits inside, there is no suffering
While the one stays, if another comes in, there will be never be peace of mind

Where life begins, where and how it ends,
this is the path, this is the journey…  no one knows
The paths keep changing and finally the journey ends
if the changes are understood, then one becomes sober

This is the translation (as near as it can be for me) of a famous tamil song “Ninaipathellam Nadanthu vittaal” from the movie “Nenjil oru Aalayam”.

Read somewhere on the web…

“Fate served me meanly, but I looked at her and laughed,
That none might know how bitter was the cup I quaffed
Along came Joy and paused beside me where I sat,
Saying, ‘I came to see what you were laughing at.'”

No escape?

Blind and weathered, the old man sat
composing hymns, not caring for a mat
Feel he did, his lord’s presence near
listening to his song with a tear

Tried he did, to behold truth by his hands
waving his arms like wind across lands
Better he would have done, to catch smoke from a fire
for the lord disappeared every time he went near

Distraught and desperate, his time came
one last time, he tried the game
“My sweet Lord, run away from me you can
but you cannot escape from the heart of this man!”

* This is inspired by the story of the saint Bilvamangala *


Life never moves at our pace
either too fast or too slow
Fury wind in the face
or oxen with a plow

Nothing is too soon
nothing too late
When time and luck meet
people call if fate

As pebbles form from rocks
shaped by the flowing water
should we be in facing life
with patience now and after

For the one who waits
good things come
For the one who is patient
the world awaits