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The search has ended

The search has ended

10 months of ‘head hunting’, ranting over here in my blog and countless arguments at home and with friends over several aspects… finally the issue is now put to rest.

The search has ended, folks. I am on my way to losing my dominion as the single, unquestioned ruler of my life. Its time now for power sharing!!

In a couple of weeks, I am getting engaged to a poor soul who will suffer me for the rest of her life *evil laughter*.

Bah… Just kidding. Not the engagement part, though. Me is getting engaged come this Feb. Any advice from ‘veterans’ on the treading the path towards married life is welcome… other than the “don’t get married” stuff, that is. πŸ™‚

A matter of questions in a bride search

A matter of questions in a bride search

There is one issue which seems to irk so many of the prospective brides and their parents we talk to.

Why did your son come back from USA?

The million dollar question. Why the hell would someone come back to this existence in India from USA? It seems like they consider it to be big sin to come back from USA. Once in USA, stay in USA… that’s their motto.

Well, let me tell ya’all something. The decision to come back was made by ME… I didn’t even consult with my parents. I took the decision and informed them. They didn’t have any problems. So, why on earth would I have to rationalize a decision to a complete stranger, almost two-and-a-half years after I made it?

It should go without saying that the bride search is not going very strong, at least in my opinion. Girls and their parents these days are mostly unpredictable… not to mention the complete lack of courtesy. My uncle from USA was here at my home couple of weeks ago and we were shocked to hear that his colleague had to endure some really, really stupid, yet disturbing questions when he talked to some girl’s parent while searching for a bride for his son. Some of the questions are given below:

1) Would you stay with your son after his marriage? If you would be staying separately, how frequently would you visit him? ( Hint:Its not the family bond they are concerned about.)

2) How much is your net worth? How much will your son inherit?

3) Do you have a hospital near your home? How much insurance do you and your wife have?

Needless to say, the man left the place in shock. The marriage alliance never happened.

… sounds crazy?

This is getting weird, day after day

This is getting weird, day after day

I am thinking of documenting my search for a life partner here. I am feeling now that it will become a mega-hit in the blog (or a flop. Never mind that. πŸ˜› )

So, I see a girl’s profile today… seems like she is the only child in the family. Her description went somewhat like this. “… only child. Parents will stay with me after marriage. Will marry only after completing PG.” (she’s just completed her BE!! :O)

Riiight. A brahmin iyer girl, putting up a profile, say, 3 years in advance, with a demand that will elicit a sure shot “NO” from 99% of prospectives. Hmmm.

By the way, I am slowly beginning to understand the dynamics of this whole ‘arranged marriage’ thingy. Oh-so-many preferences on Gothras, ancestral origin, subsect… blah blah blah. I see soooo many profiles which state “Only Vadamal/ Brahacharanam people need respond”. People, remind me. Which age are we in!!? Sheesh!

Oh and this too… “only boys with H1B/ Green Card need apply” (Am I applying for a job or something?) and ” Must support her higher education” (*DING!! bulb glows overhead* Ah ha! I see it now!).

Get this… an unwritten rule that many people follow (including my parents, who do it sometimes): “If you don’t want to proceed with an alliance with a prospective bride or groom, don’t respond to their mails or calls. They will get it”. I simply respond… “No, you just made yourself look discourteous”.

I wish some girl (conditions apply :P)agrees to marry soon and spare me any more of this nonsense!! (Ok, OK!! I am just venting, alright!? Can’t a guy just vent in peace?)