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Blogger killed by terrorists, again

Blogger killed by terrorists, again

Avijit Roy was murdered yesterday.

‘Unidentified assailants’… I think pretty much everyone can guess who the murderers might be. Murdering a man for just speaking his mind is atrocious. Him being an atheist or that he spoke against religion is no reason for murdering him.

These terrorist murderers are deranged fanatic misfits, their mind lingering on the fringes of insanity driven by misplaced and misguided faith, their zeal born out of ignorance and lack of self analysis, their actions driven by sheer arrogance and sense of being right in murdering innocents that can only arise from intense bigotry that has been watered for years in their cold, black and Godless hearts.

May their deaths, when it happens, be a thousand times more painful and thousand times more prolonged than the ones they cause.

All this brouhaha about Devyani Khobragade and Sangeeta Richard

All this brouhaha about Devyani Khobragade and Sangeeta Richard

Devyani Khobragade Incident– Wikipedia link.

1) The key question is did Ms. Devyani knowingly and willingly make a second agreement signed with her domestic help fixing the salary for Rs. 30K per month only, when the original agreement shown for the visa purpose was based on the minimum wage as per US law – If the second agreement is real and verified, then the US government is fully justified in taking legal action against Ms. Devyani.

2) Was the US Justice Department correct in the way it handled the case? I don’t care. I can hazard a guess that there are too many people that get arrested visa fraud or perjury… Ms. Devyani did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of the arrest, so I don’t see how the arrest was executed to be a problem.

3) This whole noise of diplomatic row drowns another key player in this mess… the domestic help, Ms. Sangeeta Richard. Looks like she just got greedy and wanted to work outside of her stipulated job on off days. And she wanted to get a change of passport, visa to settle in USA. For this it seems like she resorted to harassment, blackmailing or whatever. If this is proven true, then she deserves to be punished by USA law (and Indian law) too. No wonder USA does not have visa free travel for Indians… will never happen, I guess. But I also am wondering how an injuntion and arrest warrant from an Indian court on an Indian citizen, conveyed through the consular channels were ignored by US officials.

Agreed that the USA government is surely not “balanced” in handling such cases with other country consular officials (Russia or Pakistan, as in recent times), or for its own hurried evac of accused personnel from its consular offices on claims of diplomatic immunity… but that is no reason for India to demand that the charges be dropped. In my opinion, the reaction from the Indian government is downright childish… and moving Ms. Devyani to the UN mission post haste is now making it look even more foolish. The most funniest reaction of all came from Mayawati madam, who said “I know I should not bring caste into this but the overall conduct with this girl was inappropriate. The central government reacted late because she was a Dalit”. She just couldn’t resist playing the dalit card.

People like both the “now-diplomat level” Ms. Devyani and the domestic help level Sangeeta (and the idiots who rioted in Singapore) are few examples as to why opinion about Indians is not too great in foreign lands. I have seen too many incidents that reinforce this thought… that we Indians are given a bit too much to a sense of entitlement, ‘above the law’ attitude and not being too concerned about ethics if things can get in their favor or can be hidden from public view, in general.

Kasab hanged

Kasab hanged

I don’t get why there are so many people who feel he should have continued as a burden for the (honest) tax payers of this country.

It wouldn’t have mattered if this brainwashed, misled ‘brute’ was shot down during 26/11 itself, would it? So, may be these people think that the crores of money spent keeping him alive was all for naught, because it is now all a waste?

What’s the point, in any case?

Most people who speak of human rights are hypocrites… mostly, IMHO.

Absurdity reigns

Absurdity reigns

American ambassador to Libya killed

The protestors were actually protesting some video made by some jobless guy, which depicted Islam as a violent religion, and on top of that added some insults about their Prophet.

Fine… they can protest all they want. But rocket attacks and killings in response to a video? Overkill.

It is ironical that these dumb-ass protestors actually vindicated the video-maker’s standpoint!

Food, food everywhere, not a bite to eat…

Food, food everywhere, not a bite to eat…

It has been a very long time since I posted anything. Work, family… nuff said.

My new job has me traveling quite a bit overseas. Being a vegetarian, I did expect that ‘eatable’ food would be a bit hard to get. But I didn’t expect it to be this hard.

I am in a place (won’t mention where) which brims with ‘food’ all around but if I ever need to get something to eat, I have to spend 2 minutes explaining what I want and what ingredients should not be used. The only places where I can confidently step in are some of the few Indian run restaurants, but even there I keep a wary eye to ensure the waiters don’t accidentally mix something in my food which I cannot have.

These folks don’t have an idea of food without meat, fish or eggs. Every single damn food item, even rice, has some thing mixed in it. The range of stuff that ends up on these folk’s plate would put a normal Indian non-vegetarian to shame. I have actually seen my colleagues, who claim to eat anything that walks, flies, crawl or swim, have second thoughts at trying some of the food choices. And not knowing the local language makes things worse.

The hotel I stay in claims to be the newest, finest hotel in town but there is not one item in the hotel’s menu (except juices, fruits and grain bread) that does not contain meat. I never had this problem even when I lived in USA for a couple of years.

Can’t wait to get back home. Sad part is my trips are not over yet.

Aman ki Asha?

Aman ki Asha?


Yet another case of trying to superficially cover up the wound which is festering.

“Peace efforts between India and Pakistan are the real need of the hour and only prudence, foresightedness and sincerity can do wonders for both countries. In this people of India communicate with the people of Pakisthan.” This was stated by former federal minister for information, Javed Jabbar while addressing a seminar held on “Indo-Pak Peace Prospects” at the Department of International Relation (IR), University of Karachi (KU), under its programme on Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Jabbar, a veteran media personality and analyst, was of the view that India being a bigger country in the region needs to give more leverage to smaller states like Pakistan.”


My first reaction was ‘WTF!?’. Leverage? Like what? Giving away Hyderabad to Pakistan because some fool claims it so?

An uncontrolled army, a political base which is a even bigger joke than what is in India, and terrorists who are freely moving about (include the ISI in this)… and these people want to ‘talk’ with whom?

What happens to stuff…

What happens to stuff…

Anyone who is concerned about our lives in this world should take a look at the video here. It is about 20mins long.

It’s just a coincidence that I just touched upon this topic in the very previous post.

Congress Govt….? Zzzzz…

Congress Govt….? Zzzzz…

Wake up, you morons!! You fools are squabbling over which portfolios to give to which party, when other countries playing ‘inky, pinky, ponky’ on our country’s lands for choosing which one to take.

Do you see Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh in India? This map is found in some place in China.

This is India?
India Redrawn 🙁
Sach ka saamna?

Sach ka saamna?

Our people have no originality. Even in cooking up reality shows, they need to ’emulate’ their western ‘buddy’ networks.

Never seen this show on TV as such, but from what I hear, it sounds more like the Maury show or Jerry Springer shown across US networks… may be a bit more dignified in staging than the above, but yuck, nonetheless.

A poser to those who wish to come on the show:

Why not just let skeletons in the closet be just that and move on with your life? The temptation of money, even if it amounts to the risk of admitting your dark secrets and destroy a couple more lives, is too strong to resist, is it?