What happens to stuff…

Anyone who is concerned about our lives in this world should take a look at the video here. It is about 20mins long.

It’s just a coincidence that I just touched upon this topic in the very previous post.

Meddling with nature

THIS is a clear case of how economic opportunism drives every so called innovation. It MUST be made mandatory to label GM foods to distinguish them from normal products. Personally, I would never touch anything of these things if they are put up for sale in the market.

It’s a shame that corporate well being is put ahead of well being of the people.

You can find more information on Greenpeace’s website here.

Do your bit to save this Earth!

The next time you order take-away from a restaurant, carry a hotpack and some smaller metal vessels to pack the food from the restaurant.

That way, you can save a lot of plastic bags, heat-seal wraps and paper from getting wasted.

Sounds absurd? Think.