Blogger killed by terrorists, again

Avijit Roy was murdered yesterday.

‘Unidentified assailants’… I think pretty much everyone can guess who the murderers might be. Murdering a man for just speaking his mind is atrocious. Him being an atheist or that he spoke against religion is no reason for murdering him.

These terrorist murderers are deranged fanatic misfits, their mind lingering on the fringes of insanity driven by misplaced and misguided faith, their zeal born out of ignorance and lack of self analysis, their actions driven by sheer arrogance and sense of being right in murdering innocents that can only arise from intense bigotry that has been watered for years in their cold, black and Godless hearts.

May their deaths, when it happens, be a thousand times more painful and thousand times more prolonged than the ones they cause.

Are you receptive to critical comments?

Over the last 6 years of my presence in the blogging world, one thing I have seen is that when you put up your opinion in a public domain, do not expect just praise from everyone. You will most certainly have critical comments from some people. Your reputation in the blogging world will also be affected by the way you respond to such comments.

There are people who can handle critical comments with grace and others who do just the opposite.

I have been involved in an interaction with Radha Chandran at Gingerchai and I am impressed at the way she as well as Mr. Lakshmi Rajan have been handling it. Nicely done.